The King of the World Is Also the King of Good Hair

  • Before-Leo
If there’s one actor in Hollywood that consistently has a great head of hair, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. From his early TV work on “Growing Pains” to his recent award winning work in “The Revenant”, Leo has always looked nothing but his best both on-screen and off-screen at various red carpet events.

Leo’s default hairstyle off-camera since the early 2000s has been a slicked-back look. The look involves a lot of pomade and his healthy widow’s peak which has stayed consistent over the years.  The widow’s peak is the growth of hair that is located towards the center of the forehead and it is v-shaped.

It appears that his hair is still a natural growth and that he has not had any work done in the past. Leo’s hair has gone from a middle part to long hair to a side comb look to very short. No matter what length or style his hair has been, there has not been any major shifting of the hairline or sudden changes in the amount of hair he naturally possesses.

Leo is one of the few actors that never seem to have a bad hair day in the public eye. Although it doesn’t look like he will be facing any balding issues anytime in the near future, we decided to imagine what “the king of the world” from “Titanic” would look like without his trademark wonderful head of hair. Take a look above to see the Leo you know change into the Leo that might exist one day in the future.