Ten Days after Eyebrow Hair Transplant

I saw a patient who had an eyebrow transplant 10 days ago.  I thought it would be useful for our readers to get an idea of how a transplanted hair ought to appear about 10 days after an eyebrow hair transplantation.

For transplanting to the brow areas, scalp hair is being used. In this particular case, we have used around 600 grafts for both eyebrows (300 for each eyebrow).

After the hair transplant, transplanted hair shafts generally stay in place or may even grow for two weeks, but they almost always fall after the second week. It may take about two to three weeks for the newly transplanted hair to start growing after an eyebrow hair transplant, which is the same length of time as a scalp hair restoration.

After full growth, patients need to keep trimming their transplanted eyebrows because they have the same growth pattern of the scalp hair where they are originally from.