Stop Shaving For A Good Cause!

If there’s one thing most men hate doing on a regular basis, it is shaving their beard or mustache. While guys like to look good at all times, there is also a certain amount of freedom they feel by not having to shave regularly.

Men are going unshaved in November

The month of November is a time when guys can stop shaving and it is perfectly acceptable thanks to an event known as No-Shave November (AKA Movember). The concept behind this month long cancer awareness event is simple. No-Shave November is designed to bring more awareness to the struggle cancer patients have with hair. Many cancer patients unfortunately lose their hair during their battle with the disease. It also allows guys to let their hair grow without having to shave it at all for the entire month.

The guys who don’t shave are encouraged to raise money for the fight against cancer by having friends and family donate to them personally or to a fundraising page they can create at the No-Shave November page. The unshaven guys are also encouraged to take any money they would spend on haircuts, grooming products and shaving and donate those funds to cancer research and education programs.

Some men might be hesitant to participate because of dress codes and rules in their workplace. No-Shave November understands those concerns and allows grooming and trimming if necessary. While men are encouraged to be free and let their hair grow wild, they don’t need to lose their jobs over growing their hair!

The money raised during No-Save November is invested in cancer research programs as well as going to provide free information and related services to those suffering from cancer as well as their caregivers.

While our office uses the hair from the beards of patients in beard to scalp hair transplant procedures, we also support this fine cause and encourage everyone to grow their beards and mustaches this month to help support cancer research and programs.  Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures with your beard.  You may need to show us some of your bearded photos so Dr. Mohebi can evaluate your candidacy for a beard to scalp hair transplant in the future.