Shock Loss After Second Hair Transplant


Hello Dr. Mohebi,

I am considering undergoing a second hair transplant procedure in a few months in order to add additional coverage in my mid-to-crown area. I will feel better about the appearance of that area if I have hair grafts transplanted into it.

My question is…Will the frontal area (where I had my first hair restoration procedure) be subject to suffering from “shock loss” during the healing process of the second procedure?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Thank you for the interesting question.

Transplanted hair from a previous surgery will not be impacted (unlike the native hair) during a second hair transplant procedure. However, the hair transplant surgeon should be extremely careful when transplanting hair grafts into the area that has already had a hair transplant.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we use special devices and needles to help minimize the transaction rate of preexisting hair follicles.  Some loss of the transplanted hair might be seen when we transplant hair grafts into the area (in order to thicken the already transplanted area). Please do not worry as it will be reversible as opposed to the permanent nature of shock loss.