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Male hair loss, which is also known as male pattern baldness, is considered to be the most common type of hair loss in male patients. In fact, the U.S. National Library of Medicine claims that more than 50% of all men (over the age of 50) will find their scalp impacted by male pattern baldness […]
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Hair loss impacts both men and women and can have a negative impact on the self-confidence and self-image of a person. Balding and/or thinning hair can be caused by various factors including heredity, a hormonal imbalance, autoimmune conditions, medications, or an infection. Scientists have spent many years researching hair loss and trying to find a […]
For many people, the idea of losing their hair is not a pleasant one. Once they start to actually start to suffer from hair loss, they often turn to medications and treatments to try and slow down, or reverse, the growing amount of balding or thinning hair on the scalp. One of the most popular […]
The availability of information about hair transplants has evolved greatly over the last decade. In the past, patients had to schedule an appointment with a doctor to get the in-depth information they wanted to learn about hair restoration. Thanks to the rise of social media, anyone interested in having a hair restoration procedure can get […]
According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of men start to notice thinning hair by the time they turn 35. As they grow older, around 85% of men will start to show a significant amount of hair loss by the age of 50. No matter the level of their hair loss, there are multiple […]
Joe Buck is an acclaimed sportscaster known for his work as the lead announcer for both baseball and football for Fox Sports. The 52-year-old is also well-known for the changes in his hairline thanks to multiple hair transplants over the years. While many patients only have one hair transplant surgery to get the results they […]
Hair loss, to a certain extent, is a natural occurrence for every person. It is quite common to naturally lose up to 100 hairs per day but, if your hair loss is more than that amount each day, you might be experiencing some form of hair loss. There are several causes for hair loss and […]
One of the misconceptions about a hair transplant is that some members of the general public think they are still performed using what is commonly referred to as “hair plugs”. This term refers to the type of hair transplants that were performed starting in the 1950s and lasting until the late 1990s/early 2000s. During this […]
When it comes to hair loss, the first thing that often pops into the mind of the public is the loss of hair being caused by genetics or less likely as the result of a medical condition or infections. There is nothing wrong with this line of thinking as hair loss can be caused by […]
A Los Angeles hair transplant takes hair grafts from one area of the body (usually the sides and back of the scalp) and then transplants them to the balding area of the scalp. The transplanted hair will grow just as it did on the donor area of the scalp and provide the patient with a […]
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The loss of hair on the scalp can be quite alarming to anyone that starts to notice excess hair in the shower or on a pillow in the morning. In addition, the appearance of bald spots on the scalp can also cause a person to search for answers regarding the hair loss. While genetics can […]
One of the main goals of the blog section on our website is to educate patients about hair restoration. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about hair transplants and the quality of this information can vary. Some of the content is written by board-certified and experienced medical professionals while other written […]
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There are many stories about doctors giving patients the results they desire in their particular medical specialty. This is especially true of our very own Dr. Manu Gujrati AKA “Dr. G”. He is the Medical Director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Northern California and has been helping patients gain the full head of natural […]
Dr. Manu Gujrati, known as Dr. G, is Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration’s San Francisco Medical Director. Whether you know him as Dr. Gujrati, or simply as “Dr. G” as many of his patients affectionately call him, our new San Francisco Office Medical Director brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience that gives his patients […]
Female patterned baldness is similar to male patterned baldness in the fact that both types of hair loss can be caused by the aging process, genetics, and hormones. In general, female patterned baldness results in miniaturized hair that becomes finer in texture than the other hair on the scalp. Many women experiencing hair loss are […]
Alopecia areata is a medical condition that causes the hair to fall out of the scalp of a person due to autoimmune issues. While this condition might not always be noticeable by others, the development of the patches on the scalp might connect and become visible to those viewing the scalp. In general, alopecia areata […]
As people continue to age, they will likely suffer some amount of hair loss. Hair loss can start as early as the late teens and early 20s for some people while others experience hair loss later in life. Some of the reasons for bald spots appearing on the scalp include genetics, stress and autoimmune disease. […]
The loss of hair can have an impact on your life that goes far beyond the bald areas on your scalp. It can cause you to lose confidence in your appearance and also create a negative self-image. While many cases of hair loss occur due to genetics, there can also be hair loss resulting from […]
Hair loss is often thought of as being a “male problem” and this is true for celebrities in Hollywood. There is often a focus on male celebrities that lose their hair but the opposite is not true for female in movies, TV and the music industry. In fact, female hair loss among celebrities is a […]
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Minoxidil, which is also known by the name Rogaine, is a popular hair restoration treatment for people that suffer from thinning hair on the scalp. Minoxidil is available as foam or a gel and it is designed to be applied to the scalp (topically) on a daily basis. Some of the people that start taking […]
Last week ended with a nice surprise for Dr. Mohebi as Cosmetic Town named him to its “Best Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeons” list in 2021. Cosmetic Town, an online plastic surgery news and information community, recently published its list of the best doctors that are currently performing Los Angeles hair transplant surgeries. Dr. Mohebi […]
The loss of hair can have an impact on the appearance and the self-image of a person. A full and healthy head of hair is often viewed as a symbol of youth and vitality by those that are viewing the hair on the scalp of a person. Thankfully, hair transplants are available to members of […]
As 2021 continues there appears to be a growing trend in Australia of people losing their hair in growing numbers. When asked why hair loss was becoming an issue in Australia, experts say the surge of patients appear to be suffering from stress-related hair loss that is also related to COVID-19. Hair Loss Explained When […]
The loss of hair can cause many people to try and find a way to restore some of the hair that is no longer on their scalp. The most natural method, that also provides permanent results, is a hair transplant that moves hair from one part of the body to the area of the scalp […]
One possible sign of balding that often worries people of all ages is the appearance of hair in the drain after a shower. Even though everyone will see hair loss of about 100 hairs on a daily basis, it is still an issue that worries some people when they are stepping out of the shower. […]
Members of the public that do not know much about hair transplants often use the phrase “hair plugs” when discussing a hair restoration procedure. The use of hair plugs started in the 1950s and continued until late in the 20th century/early in the 21st century. During a hair plug procedure, the surgeon would “punch out” […]
In the past year, TikTok (a video sharing social media platform) has grown in popularity as TikTok users share videos that range anywhere from 15-seconds to a minute in length. The platform has also become a new method for doctors to interact with patients and share medical knowledge in a visually appealing manner. One of […]
For more than 10 years, Dr. Manu Gujrati has helped patients gain the full head of natural looking hair they have long desired. As the Medical Director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Northern California, he passionately enjoys working with patients from all walks of life. Now, Dr. G is getting ready to take a […]
During a hair transplant, hair from the patient is removed from one area of the body so it can be transplanted into the balding area of the scalp. The hair is usually removed from the donor area of the scalp (the back and sides of the head) and transplanted into the targeted area. Like any […]
As a person ages, the chance of hair loss occurring increases thanks to factors such as genetics, medical issues or some sort of accident or trauma to the scalp. While hair restoration is desired by many patients, there are some people that are unsure about the procedure. This causes them to delay making the final […]
When it comes to hair restoration, most people instantly think about the restoration of hair on the scalp. In the last few years, eyebrow hair transplant has grown in popularity and it continues to be requested by many patients. Thanks to improved FUE hair transplant techniques, eyebrow hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure that […]
In this video Dr. Parsa Mohebi, breaks down all the various types of hair transplants that are available so he can help you understand how the processes work/which is the best type of hair transplant for you.
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The appearance of balding areas on the scalp is a common problem for many men around the world. Hair loss can impact the self-image of a person as well as cause them to try and find methods that help them gain the hairline they desire. The amount of balding on the scalp is generally determined […]
Hair loss is often viewed as only being an issue for men but the loss of hair also impacts the lives of many female patients. One of the most popular treatments for hair loss is the use of minoxidil on the scalp. Minoxidil, AKA Rogaine, is a topical ingredient that is approved by the Food […]
Hair loss is not a problem that is limited only to people in the United States. Hair loss can impact the looks and self-image of people all over the world. One recent example of hair loss that is an issue in other countries comes from China. It has been reported that hair loss is becoming […]
Even though hair loss is often considered to be a male medical issue, people of either gender can suffer from hair loss. The amount of hair loss suffered by a person is often determined by genetics. Genetic hair loss occurs in a pattern that is often referred to as male pattern baldness (MPB) or female […]
DHT inhibitors like finasteride and dutasteride can help with hair loss prevention. Scientists have found a relationship between these drugs and COVID-19. DHT blocker medications are also known as 5-alpha reductase drugs. The medication may alter the pathway that the virus uses to enter the target cells or it may work through other mechanisms. We […]
Hair transplant technology has evolved over the years to the point that a scar from a hair transplant does not happen that often (unless a patient decides to undergo FUT surgery). However, scars can still happen on the scalp due to some form of accident or trauma to the area. The lack of hair in […]
The number of men that suffer some form of hair loss is in the millions. Some men accept their hair loss and do not attempt to make any changes to their scalp while others have a hair transplant to address the issue of balding. Sam Smith, the Grammy-winning singer, recently discussed the topic of his […]
Patients that have thinning hair or balding patches on the scalp often turn to a hair transplant to address the issue of patterned hair loss. While there are hundreds of board-certified hair transplant surgeons across the country providing patients with natural results that last a lifetime, some people decide to travel abroad for a hair […]
The pressure to stay relevant in show business means that many Hollywood actors and actresses have cosmetic surgery procedures that turn back the clock on their appearance. One procedure that is popular among male celebrities is a hair transplant and this is true of actor Joel McHale, He is known for the TV shows “Community” […]
In this video, Dr. Mohebi walks us through the step by step process for an African American FUE Hair Transplant.
In this video, Los Angeles and San Francisco Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi explains to us all the details that go into the African American FUE Hair Transplant.
When the phrase “hair transplant” is mentioned in conversation, some people instantly think of the pluggy and unnatural results that used to be visible to others. Hair transplant results have evolved greatly over the last few decades to the point that they are long lasting and natural in appearance. Our office often receives many questions […]