Hair Restoration

Almost everyone wants to enjoy a healthy and full head of hair, but it is not always easy for everyone to achieve this look. If you want to enjoy the look of a full head of hair, but don’t want to undergo a treatment such as a hair transplant, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) might be the […]
Hair loss can occur for several reasons including the aging process, genetics, the taking of certain medications, autoimmune conditions, or hormone imbalances. Typical male pattern baldness or male pattern hair loss (MPHL), can appear on the scalp as patterned hair loss as well as patchy and/or circular crown bald spots. Since patterned hair loss is […]
One of the most common types of hairlines seen on people of all ages is a widow’s peak. Even though this is a very common hairline that can start to appear as a person ages, it should not be confused with a receding hairline. In addition, not many people know why a widow’s peak happens […]
If you have been noticing a greater amount hair in your sink or shower lately, there is a chance that stress is the reason for this hair loss. While everyone has a certain level of stress in their life, sudden stress can result in hair loss along with a thinning condition that is known as […]
As a person ages, a recession to the hairline is a natural part of the aging process. In men, the condition is often referred to as male pattern baldness as the hair loss often begins at the front area of the scalp and the hairline continues to recede or the hair becomes thin on the […]
The evolution of hair transplant techniques continues to provide improvements when it comes to the quality of the results patients can enjoy. Even with the high-quality results provided by modern hair restoration surgery, there are still some items you need to know before the procedure in order to be properly informed and educated about having […]
Ashley Tisdale has been in the public eye since her days as part of the “High School Musical” franchise. She has also recently raised her profile by speaking out about her hair loss journey. Celebrities are not always willing to discuss any hair loss they are experiencing as they often like to maintain the illusion […]
Price Harry, AKA the Duke of Sussex, has been in the news recently thanks to the release of his memoir, “Spare.” The book is filled with revelations and details about his family as well as his time in the military. Even with all of the stories about his life as a member of the Royal […]
If you are thinking about having a hair transplant, there are multiple factors to keep in mind when making the decision about a surgeon to perform the treatment. Some of the most common items to keep in mind when researching hair transplant surgeons include the location of the medical center or hospital, the cost of […]
All across the globe, millions of people experience some form of hair loss due to genetics or a medical condition. Many of them have the option to restore their hairline thanks to a hair transplant that takes hair grafts from the donor section of the scalp (typically the back and sides of the head) and […]
The loss of hair on the scalp is actually a regular part of daily life for the public. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it is estimated that a common amount of hair loss per day is between fifty and one hundred hairs per day. While this is a daily occurrence for many people, […]
The phrase “hair transplant” is normally followed by the public imagining the transplanting of hair grafts into the scalp. While this is the most common form of a hair transplant, there are other areas of the body that might need some help when it comes to hair loss. For example, patients who have lost hair […]
The month of December kicked off with some exciting news for the team at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration as it was announced that Dr. Mohebi was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. The term of his Board membership lasts for three years and beings on January 1st, […]
When it comes to picking the hair transplant surgeon and medical office that is right for your specific needs, there are many factors that you will need to take into consideration. Some of the factors that can impact your decision include the cost of the procedure, the location in the country of the medical office, […]
The past few decades have seen the reasons behind hair loss become better known by the public as they have gained a greater awareness of why it happens as well as learning more about their hair restoration options. The science behind the treatment of hair loss is always evolving as the medical community works to […]
There are some celebrities who have a hair transplant and will not admit to undergoing a procedure. On the other hand, there are other celebrities who will admit to it after the procedure or when they are asked about their hairline by their fans or the media. One celebrity who recently admitted to having a […]
There are thousands of men across the country who have made the decision to have a hair transplant. They are tired of the appearance of their thinning hair or balding areas on the scalp, so they turn to a hair transplant to gain a fuller and more youthful look to their hairline. However, those who […]
Even with the continued growth in procedures related to gender transition, sex reassignment surgery and other medical care related to gender transition has not been covered by most health insurance providers. Even though gender-affirming surgeries are now associated with positive mental health benefits, these procedures have long been viewed as being cosmetic in nature by […]
The idea of having a hair transplant has been considered by many men over the years but some of them have not taken any action or steps towards having a treatment. Some of the reasons given in the past included not being able to take time off work as well as being unwilling to recover […]
The future of hair loss treatments is looking rather bright for patients. There has been recent research conducted on mice that shows there might be a new way to restore hair in the future. In addition, there are other potential hair loss treatments that are close to undergoing clinical trials in human patients. Let’s take […]
The desire to have a full and healthy head of hair has many people wishing there was a “magic pill” they could take to reverse hair loss on their scalp. While this seems like a dream for the majority of hair loss patients, there is a company that is working towards making this idea into […]
It is not an understatement that say that 66-years-old Tom Hanks is one of the mist beloved and popular actors in the world. Hanks is known across the globe, but he might have a secret that he has been hiding from his fans. There is some speculation that the actor had a hair transplant in […]
There are times when the public is not sure about the advanced hair restoration methods that are available to them, and this is especially true when it comes to hair transplants. Many people still think of hair transplant results as being the very noticeable hair plugs that were common in the past. Thankfully, hair transplants […]
Minoxidil has been uses for many years to treat the loss of hair on the scalp. The use of minoxidil for hair growth was actually the result of the use of minoxidil for another health condition. Not long after minoxidil was approved in the 1970s as a hypertension treatment, there started to be some reports […]
The first thing patients should know about a hair transplant is that it needs to be performed by an experienced and board-certified surgeon who has a proven history of high-quality results that restore the hairline and give a person a more youthful look. Unfortunately, there are a number of patients who have been victims of […]
The continuing concerns about COVID-19 and the new worries about monkeypox have contributed to a good amount of stress among the public. These concerns are in addition to the daily worries everyone has about family, friends, and politics. Besides having a mental impact on people, these worries can lead to sudden stress which can impact […]
Dr. Parsa Mohebi shows us an interesting case using a Hair Transplant with Combination Beard to Scalp FUE.
In this video, Dr. Mohebi tells us how the SMP procedure works and answers the most frequently asked questions.
Dr. Mohebi shares how Asian Hair differs from other patients and how an FUE 2 Day Hair Transplant is done for this specific hair type.
Advances in cosmetic surgery that have been created and refined over the past few years have allowed male to female (MTF) patients to enjoy life changing results.
Dr. Mohebi takes you into the operating room for a 2-day FUE hair transplant procedure which is referred to as a “Mega Session FUE Hair Transplant”.
Dr. Parsa Mohebi goes through the years of Machine Gun Kelly’s life explaining whether he has had balding and a hair transplant. Dr. Mohebi explains to us in detail what seems to have happened in Machine Gun Kelly’s hair transformation journey! Find out all the info in this video!
The device used here is the Trivellini Tech device. This is the first company to develop a unique device that has revolutionized the extraction method for hair transplantation.
Simultaneous Extraction and Placement FUE is the newest exclusive method used at PMHR. It is based on some modifications of our previous methods and some of our equipment that allows us to implant the extracted follicular unit grafts into the recipient areas shortly after they are extracted.
Let’s take a look at what you need to know about the final cost of a hair transplant.
Take a look below to learn the reasons why male pattern baldness (MPB) happens to men.
In this video, Dr. Pan shares with us the answers to all the top asked questions about hair transplants. Stay tuned to find out the answers.
Dr. Pan believes hair restoration can be life-changing and is passionate about improving the confidence of his patients by helping them look their absolute best.
The Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration team currently offers our top notch services at 3 offices in California: Beverly Hills, Los Angeles (Woodland Hills) and Beverly Hills.
Dr. Gujrati, MD of our San Francisco office better known as, “Dr. G” answers this frequently asked question for everyone to be fully in the know about their shaving options before their procedure.
Patients with limited or depleted donor hair on their scalp are now able to take advantage of advanced hair restoration technology that allows body hair to be harvested and used for scalp hair transplantation.
The search for a way to prevent hair loss is ongoing as scientists try to identify a way to prevent pattern hair loss. Researchers at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), say they have identified a signaling molecule that is known as SCUBE3. The experiments conducted by the research team are said to have shown […]
Male hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness, is the most common type of hair loss in men. It usually presents itself with a receding hairline or thinning of the hair on the top and crown of the head. The exact timeframe of how long it takes patients to lose their hair is unknown.
Hair Restoration has a lot of myths and truths, but oils have been debated to help hair loss/growth for some time now. In this video, Dr. Parsa Mohebi debunks this and tells us if there is an oil that can help hair restoration.
Now that you’ve received your hair transplant, it’s important to take extra care when washing your hair in the first week following your procedure. The following instructions in this video are designed to help guide you through the hair wash process right after your FUE Hair Transplant. Watch this video to get the full guide […]
August is here and the arrival of this month is usually thought of as the end of summer vacation for students, teachers, and parents. There is another group of people who know the month of August is also known as National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This yearly spotlight on the topic of hair loss informs […]
In our blog last week, we shared the news about Joe Buck visiting our Los Angeles hair transplant medical center to have a hair restoration procedure. One of the first things that should be discussed is that Joe Buck made the decision to share the news about his FUE hair transplant with the public. Each […]
The year of 2022 has seen a lot of changes for Joe Buck on a professional and personal level. Buck left his broadcast home of many years, Fox Sports, to take on a new challenge of announcing football games for ESPN. In addition, he attended his own version of “training camp” this week at the […]
Elton John has rarely been out of the spotlight since “Your Song” was released in 1970. He even has a hit record right now with “Cold Heart” which means he has been on the charts in six different decades. Besides his music, Elton is also known for his flamboyant clothes and the changes in his […]
It is no exaggeration to say that Mickey Mouse is one of the most beloved cartoon characters of all time. From his appearances in cartoons and TV shows to his starring role at the Disney theme parks, it is safe to say that people of all ages love Mickey Mouse. Except for the people with […]