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It is not an insult to LeBron James to say he does not really have a full head of hair. There has been much speculation in the past about his hairline and whether or not the NBA superstar has undergone a hair transplant. The conversation about his hairline was renewed earlier this month when the […]
While it might be obvious to say, no one really wants to go bald which means they can turn to a hair transplant doctor in San Diego, California for their hair restoration needs. If you want to gain a long-lasting hairline that is healthy and natural in appearance, a San Diego hair transplant is the […]
As part of the gender transition process, a hair transplant can help a person feel as if their outward appearance is matching how they feel on the inside. The appearance of the hair plays a key role in how a person presents themselves to others including how they express their gender to the public. Keep […]
Bret Baier is a well-known face to the viewers of Fox News. Baier has been with the network in various capacities since 1998 and he is currently the chief political correspondent for Fox News as well as the host of “Special Report with Bret Baier.” As with any other news reporter, his appearance is studied […]
Harry Styles is a singer and international superstar who is known for his music, his sense of style, and his wavy brunette hair. Styles is also known these days for throwing his fans into a state of shock after he debuted a new hairstyle that is best described as a close buzz cut. Buzz Cut […]
While a hair transplant can give a patient a full head of hair and a rejuvenated hairline, there are some people who are not ready to make the commitment (yet) to hair transplant surgery. One popular hair restoration treatment is minoxidil which is also referred to as Rogaine. Patients who use minoxidil on a regular […]
A person who has a look on the scalp that is silvery and scaly in appearance might be suffering from scalp psoriasis. If this is the case, the scalp might experience some discomfort and itching. In addition, scratching the scalp to try and find some relief might lead to a temporary loss of hair. Thankfully, […]
As a person ages, there is a chance that their hairline will start to recede and this condition impacts millions of people each year in the United States. The condition known as androgenetic alopecia is also referred to as male-patterned baldness and female-patterned baldness. Let’s take a look at how balding starts to appear on […]
One of my favorite aspects of interacting with the public is answering questions on Reddit during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. It allows me to chat and answer questions from those that want to learn more about hair restoration but might not be sure how to begin the hair transplant process. I conduct an […]
Hair loss is most often thought of as hair that is lost on the scalp, and this can result in a look that is thinning or balding on the head of a person. This is not the only area of the head where hair loss can occur as a loss of hair can also happen […]
When the topic of hair loss is discussed among the public, it is usually considered to be a “male condition” since hair loss news and articles are often focused on male patients. This is not always the case as many women also experience female hair loss on the scalp. Even though there are multiple reasons […]
Outside of meeting with patients and helping them achieve their hair restoration goals, Dr. Parsa Mohebi also enjoys meeting with his fellow hair transplant professionals across the globe. According to the doctor, the opportunity to exchange information and learn more from his fellow medical colleagues energizes him and makes him even more excited about treating […]
Confidence revived with an FUE Hair Transplant at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. Meet Donte, who unlocked a new chapter of confidence and happiness after his life-changing FUE hair transplant with our expert team. Experience his inspiring journey from hair loss to hair gain, and explore the possibilities of transformation through our personalized FUE technique. #FUEHairTransplant […]
Witness the remarkable transformation of Kelly, a talented professional who not only crafts stunning hairstyles but also took the step towards renewing his confidence and life with an FUE hair transplant! Embrace the journey of renewed confidence and explore the art of transformation through FUE! #FUEHairTransplant 
Hair loss impacts both male and female patients and the amount of hair loss can range from thinning on the scalp to a completely bald head. At the moment, the main methods of treating hair loss include having a hair transplant to restore the hairline or using minoxidil or finasteride to stop or slow down […]
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Restore your hair and regain your confidence at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. Our team of skilled FUE hair transplant surgeons listen to your unique needs, creating a tailored plan for incredible results. Using our exclusive, cutting edge surgical techniques we help people reach their dream hair goals. Our offices are conveniently located in Los Angeles […]
Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration continues to welcome patients to our newly expanded Los Angeles hair restoration office. The move to our new facility in Woodlands Hills was the result of wanting to more effectively address the needs of patients contacting our office to meet with Dr. Mohebi and his team regarding hair transplant surgery and […]
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Is There a Best Oil for Hair Restoration? Hair Restoration has a lot of myths and truths, but oils have been debated to help hair loss/growth for some time now. In this video, Dr. Parsa Mohebi debunks this and tells us if there is an oil that can help hair restoration.
One type of hair loss that is not as well-known by the public is shock loss after surgery. In general, shock loss is a result of stress to the scalp during surgery such as the stress that results from inflammation and healing. The shock loss process can begin anywhere from a few days to a […]
Finasteride is a medication that helps prevent ongoing hair loss in male pattern baldness and this will help preserve a hair transplant result for longer. Dr. Manu Gujrati answers if you should take Propecia (Finasteride) before and after an FUE Hair Transplant?
Celebrity Hair Transplant™ by Dr. Parsa Mohebi is an innovative FUE transplant procedure that has been growing in popularity among celebrities who wish to keep their hair transplant anonymous. This procedure is an outpatient hair restoration surgery with minimal post-surgical downtime and little to no detectability. This novel hair restoration technique was pioneered and perfected […]
For the first six months after your procedure, you need to avoid exposing the transplanted area(s) to direct sunlight for no longer than five minutes. The best way to do this is to wear a hat if you will be outside for a long period of time. If you are doing an activity where you […]
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Itching and tightness of the scalp is a completely normal experience after your hair transplant. These conditions can start to occur about one to four weeks after your procedure and is a part of the healing process. To help minimize this, you want to make sure you are resuming a normal hair wash and keeping […]
Who is NOT a candidate for a Hair Transplant? Dr. Parsa Mohebi of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration answers this very important question in depth for us. Stay tuned for full answer, to learn more check out our website. Also, we love getting all your hair restoration questions, so don’t hesitate to ask us whatever you […]
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Dr. Pan from Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration’s LA Office answers, Who is a Good Candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant? For more information about who an ideal candidate for an FUE Hair Transplant is check us out on our website:
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This FUE before and after is a case of a man who had 6 procedures. 1st-686 grafts 2nd- 973 grafts 3rd- 898 grafts 4th- 1108 grafts 5th- 1476 grafts 6th- 1456 grafts
Done with Dr. Parsa Mohebi in our Los Angeles offices. This is a 2019 Graft FUE Hair Transplant procedure. His results turned out wonderful, so happy that he is loving his transformation.
Now that you’ve received your hair transplant, it’s important to take extra care when washing your hair in the first week following your procedure. The following instructions in this video are designed to help guide you through the hair wash process right after your FUE Hair Transplant. Watch this video to get the full guide […]
Male hair loss, also known as male pattern baldness, is the most common type of hair loss in men. It usually presents itself with a receding hairline or thinning of the hair on the top and crown of the head. The exact timeframe of how long it takes patients to lose their hair is unknown. […]
Patients with limited or depleted donor hair on their scalp are now able to take advantage of advanced hair restoration technology that allows body hair to be harvested and used for scalp hair transplantation. Body hair transplants are recommended for patients that do not have enough quality donor hair, little to no scalp laxity, a […]
Dr. Gujrati, MD of our San Francisco office better known as, “Dr. G” answers this frequently asked question for everyone to be fully in the know about their shaving options before their procedure.
This Los Angeles based medical facility, led by Dr. Parsa Mohebi and Dr. Michael Pan, features the most up-to-date medical equipment and surgical facilities as well as an expanded office area designed for the maximum comfort of our patients and their guests. Our San Francisco office is led by Dr. Parsa Mohebi and Dr. Manu […]
Hair loss is a common medical issue on the scalp for both men and women. The hair loss can take the form of bald spots or thinning hair on the scalp and these conditions on the scalp can often be caused by the genetics and family history of the patient. In addition, there are some […]
A person who follows an unhealthy diet can experience conditions such as weight gain, high blood pressure, and other health issues. There is another side effect of a poor diet that is often not discussed and that is the loss of hair on the scalp. Hair loss can happen to both males and females and […]
The loss of hair on the scalp is often considered to be a natural part of the aging process and can include bald spots, thinning hair, and the receding of the hairline from the forehead. If you are experiencing a receding hairline, you will likely see hair loss at the temples that moves backwards in […]