Rogaine After Hair Transplant


Hi doc?  could Rogaine foam have adverse effect on hair transplant result? some say it helps for hair growth, some say it does not add to hair growth, but have you seen any where saying it might prevent hair growth on men with hair transplant? thanks.


Rogaine (minoxidil) can be used after hair transplantation (only on the newly transplanted area) to protect the native hair and not to promote the growth of transplanted hair. Transplanted hair does not need any medication to promote permanence or grow and if chosen correctly it is considered to be a permanent hair loss solution. I personally recommend Propecia to protect patient’s existing hair against shock loss (losing native hair) after hair transplant on men. It is proven that this medication works better than Rogaine for shock loss prevention and has had remarkable results in those patients who have used it as directed. Women cannot use Propecia and I tend to offer them Rogaine as an alternative for the few months following their hair restoration.