The Best Technique for Recipient Hair Transplant Sites

Recipient sites are the very fine incisions made in the balding scalp to receive the follicular unit grafts extracted from the donor hair of the permanent zones of the scalp. Hair transplant surgeons utilize variation in technique when making of these sites during hair transplant surgery.


The use of ‘premade sites’ and the termed ‘stick and place’ have been used harmoniously in hair transplant surgeries for years.  In our practice at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration centers we primarily utilize pre-made sites rather than stick and place. This is because in our perform a substantial number of ‘Gigosession Hair Transplants’ and the use of stick and place would unnecessarily prolong the procedure; while also increasing the duration in which grafts are out of the body. Recently, we have started to making recipient sites even before removing the grafts in many of our hair transplants (strip and FUE). We do this for two important reasons:

  1. Making the sites before hands minimizes the time that grafts have to stay out of body and technicians can start implanting grafts as soon as we are done with removing the grafts (in FUE cases or strip procedures).
  2. There are some evidences that an incision (wound) that is made a few hours earlier contain more growth factors and would healing associated cells than a fresh wound.  So we can assume that the process of healing is already started by the time we are inserting the grafts. This can accelerate the healing of the transplanted grafts. (1)

It is important to recognize that the best hair transplant surgeons incorporate surgical techniques and procedures that are best suited to the success of a particular patients surgery.

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