Q&A: What do I need to do after an FUE transplant?


Hi, Dr. Mohebi!

I’m about to have an FUE transplant and I want to make sure I do everything right to maintain my results. Do I need to sleep differently, or buy special shampoos and brushes? Help!



Thanks so much for your question! Because FUE transplants are so much less invasive than traditional FUT strip procedures, the aftercare is much simpler. Different clinics have different procedures, but the general principles tend to be the same.

The first day after a transplant, we bring the patients back in for an evaluation and hair wash. We teach them the proper technique for washing their hair the first few days after the procedure, and we give them special shampoo and a sponge for the first two weeks following the surgery.

Patients do need to sleep semi-upright after their treatment. This reduces swelling faster and prevents the patient from accidentally touching their new hair at night.

Patients should definitely avoid strenuous exercise for the first few days following surgery, but should be fine to work out within the week. The only activities patients should really try to avoid are contact sports and anything that involves touching or rubbing the transplanted area.

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