Q&A: Does Hair Continue to Thin After Hair Transplant?

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Hi, Doctor!

One thing I’ve always wondered is this: If someone has thinning hair (around the temples, for example), and has a hair transplant done, essentially getting back the hairline they lost, I’d imagine it would look great and natural at first. But, would the hair loss continue from the previous point? Like, you’d have great hair for an inch and then suddenly thinning parts? If this is the case, then how do doctors and patients prepare for this inevitability? I don’t want to get a transplant if it just means that I’m going to be losing my hair or having my hair stopping and starting strangely after the transplant point!



This is a very good question! The short answer is: yes, hair will continue to thin past the transplantation point.

Long answer: As this is something normal and natural, your hair transplant surgeon will do a microscopic evaluation before proceeding with the transplant. If there are signs that thinning will occur, the doctor will create what is called a “master plan” to proportionately transplant donor hair throughout the scalp. This may take multiple procedures to perform over varying lengths of time, but any good hair transplant doctor will be prepared for this possibility and will be able to help prevent it. Make sure to go to a good surgeon when you are ready for your transplant–any doctor worth his or her salt will know to prepare for future hair loss, and will be able to work with you to prevent it.

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