The Psychological Benefits Of A Hair Transplant

Hair transplant psychologyAs NFL great, Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” In other words, a good life starts with looking good. Recently, a study measuring the impact on Quality of Life in Patients who came with Androgenetic Alopecia for Hair Transplantation Surgery in a Clinic found that when it comes to your hair, Deion’s words ring true!

The scientific study used a quality of life index to measure 120 participants’ life satisfaction before and after they had a hair transplant. They found that patients suffering from male-patterned baldness that underwent a hair transplant surgery had a “great psychological impact not only with their personal feelings but also with the social response towards their problems.” In other words, a hair transplant made those suffering from balding look better, feel better, and made their lives better.

In addition, Dr. Mohebi conducted a very similar study in 2008 evaluating the psychological impact of hair loss in male pattern baldness and in women with generalized thinning, and how having a hair transplant affected the subjects. This study also found that patients who suffered from hair loss that underwent hair transplantation experienced greater levels of happiness. In other words, “Patients who experienced hair loss at an early age while involved in an active social life were more prone to the negative side effects of balding and appeared to benefit most from hair restoration procedures. These patients’ negative outlook seemed to reverse after surgery.”

Considering that androgenic alopecia (male-patterned baldness) affects up to 50% of men and 10% of women worldwide, this study has very inspiring implications for the hair transplant community. We now know that a hair transplant can, in fact, improve the quality of life for someone suffering from male-patterned baldness.

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