Pros & Cons of FUE and ARTAS Procedures


Dr. Mohebi

There seems to be a lot of talk on the internet about FUE and ARTAS procedures. Can you explain to me what the pros and cons are of these types of procedure vs the strip technique?


ARTAS System for Follicular Unit ExtractionWe perform both ‘Strip Method’ and FUE transplants in our practice. Both of these procedures are the most modern forms of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) for hair restoration. FUE procedure could be done through different techniques such as manual and automated.

ARTAS is a FUE machine that harvests Follicular units by a robotic arm. Since the robot removes the hair grafts, the procedure is easier on the surgeon, but it is not flexible as of using different punches that might be necessary in different individual. Besides the harvesting the rest of the procedures are the same in two techniques of Strip FUT and FUE.

Strip gives us better quality grafts and preserve your donor hair better. It is also more affordable. This is especially important for someone like you with possibility of further hair loss in the future (based on your microscopic evaluation). Strip hair transplant leaves a linear scar on the back that might be visible if you shave your head in the future or keep it very short. I think the main question is whether you need to keep the option to shave your head in the future or not. Here is more on the differences of FUE and strip hair transplants in our blog.