Hair Transplant for Prince William?


Dr. Mohebi, this may seem like an unusual question, but I’ve been hearing a lot about Prince William’s hair loss and wondered if you wouldn’t mind letting me know what treatment option(s) you’d recommend. Rogaine? Propecia? Hair transplant surgery, and if so, how many grafts?

Thanks so much!

Hair Restoration Fit for a Prince


Prince William is a class IV hair loss in Norwood classification with significant thinning on the top area that indicate he will be heading toward class VI if he does not use any treatment for his hair loss.  Looking at Prince William pictures, you can see that he has had the initial signs of hair loss in his early twenties that is typical for Caucasian hair loss.

Although you may argue that wearing the crown will eventually cover the balding areas on the top, he may still have a few more viable options.  Prince William needs to be on some sort of medical treatment, either Propecia or Rogaine, to minimize his hair loss or at least to prevent or slow further thinning.  He should also consider a hair transplant surgery to reinforce his hairline and add density to his corners.  Restoring his crown balding spot will be the next priority and I think if his donor quality is good all of those goals could be achieved in one session.

I think with one hair transplant he can eliminate the appearance of balding while he might need another procedures to thicken up the frontal density and add more to the volume of top and the crown area.