Preventative FUE Hair Transplant

Preventative FUE Hair Transplant

A commonly-held belief is that hair transplants are only for those that are completely bald or if they absolutely “need it.” However, we believe that getting a hair transplant can (and should) be used for many patients to prevent them from going completely bald. Hopefully, this philosophy of using hair transplants as a form of prevention will catch on and make getting them more acceptable for men and women to get for preventative measures.

Who is a good candidate for a preventative FUE hair transplant?

If you suspect that you’re starting to lose hair, you should visit a hair restoration specialist to get a full understanding of where your hair loss is heading. When a patient goes to the doctor, the doctor should perform a microscopic evaluation and also evaluate the patient’s family history of hair loss to get an idea of where their hair loss heading. If the patient has begun to show signs of hair loss, and we can tell that they will likely lose more hair based on their family history of balding, then a hair transplant can often be performed to restore the lost hair and prevent future balding.

Case Study

As you can see from the video, this patient was a younger gentleman who got a big procedure with over 4000 grafts, despite the fact he did not appear to be bald. At first glance, he had a fair amount of hair going into his FUE procedure. However, upon further examination, you can see that his hair has a lot of emptiness and the crown is thinning with Class VI hair loss.

Preventative FUE hair transplant by Dr. Mohebi

When the patient’s hair begins to grow back, he will have a solid hairline, great density on the crown, great temporal points and most importantly of all: he doesn’t have to worry about going bald!

Are you curious if you’re a candidate for a preventative FUE hair transplant? Schedule a consultation with us today to take control of your appearance!