Photo and Video Gallery Shares Patient Success Stories

Self-image is a mental perception we have of ourselves, which every individual deals with on a day to day basis, and is so important that it can sometimes dictate our lives. At my offices, our goal is to restore patient’s self-esteem through the use of quality hair restoration techniques. We like to share our patient’s stories about their life changing experience on our website through the use of our photo and video gallery.

Left: Before Hair Transplant, Right: 12 Months After Hair Transplant

Left: Before Hair Transplant, Right: 12 Months After Hair Transplant

I find it is important to share these success stories with others because baldness not only affects your self-image from a personal standpoint, but it can also limit or negatively impact your self-esteem, future outlook, overall happiness, and career opportunities.

Our photo and video gallery is updated on a regular basis featuring the success stories of our patients. The photo gallery contains many before and after pictures of patients from a variety of angles with different patterned hair loss. The video gallery features video testimonials given by our patients who have seen a positive change in their lives due to hair restoration and wish to share their experience with others. These shared success stories aid in spreading awareness about the benefits that come from having a hair restoration procedure. The video gallery is updated with webinars and other great information about hair loss, because I want to keep all of my patients up to date with the newest technologies and techniques for this field.

Please visit our photo gallery and video gallery page to view before and after photos, watch patient testimonials, and learn of the newest and upcoming techniques in hair restoration.