Learn More About Hair Transplants at Our Spring Open House

Haven’t gotten started on your New Year’s resolution to change your appearance and find your confidence? Join us for our open house on Saturday, March 24th from 3pm-5pm at our hair restoration facility in Encino to finally put your resolution into action.

We welcome you to view the facilities as well as meet Dr. Mohebi. He will provide the answers to all of your questions and concerns about hair restoration and procedures personally.

The more the merrier! Bring a friend or family member and both of you can get a discount on the total cost of your hair transplant procedures. This group discount offer is valid as long as you both schedule a procedure within one month of each other.

Group Discount

Take advantage of the group discount in order for you and your friend or family member to receive:

  • A 10% discount on your procedure (A value of $500-$1600)*
  • A 10% discount for your friend*
  • A complimentary 15-minute appointment with one of our Doctors
  • A $250 gift certificate for your next procedure

Open House consultations are available on a first come first serve basis the day of the event. This means that we might not be able to see everyone for a consultation that day, depending on how many people join us.

Arrive early in order to secure your consultation appointment.

To make your reservation, email us your contact information at info@parsamohebi.com.

We look forward to meeting you on March 24th at our office in Encino!

*1o% discount is reimbursed after your friend/family member has their procedure.