Opening Up About Hair Transplants

James Nesbitt Hair TransplantThere was recently an article about Irish actor James Nesbitt (from many projects including The Hobbit movies) and his second hair transplant. It’s interesting for a number of reasons.

The first is that Nesbitt is very open about the work he’s had performed on his hairline. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not trying to hide a hair restoration procedure. The second interesting thing is the various points the article makes about what can be learned about hair transplants by the public.

While many people know what a hair transplant is, they are not always aware of what is medically involved in a hair transplant procedure. Recognizing and correcting any misconceptions the public has about hair transplants is one of the first steps when talking to many potential patients. Fear of the unknown and a lack of knowledge about the hair transplant process prevent a good number of people from undergoing a hair transplant procedure.

The author of the article even shares his own hair transplant experience as well as how much of a change it can make in your life. A renewed sense of confidence, a new hairstyle and better self-esteem are just a few of the benefits of a hair transplant. It’s nice to see an article by someone who has had a procedure and has intimate knowledge regarding the way it can change your life.

I encourage you to read this article when you get a moment. While not everyone is as open about their hair transplant experience as James Nesbitt or the author of this article, it is nice when both celebrities and everyday people share their stories. The insights and experiences shared in this article might be the starting point for others to finally pursue their dream of a new hairline.