Nicolas Cage Hair Transplant – Did it Happen?

Hair Transplant Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is one of the most interesting actors of the modern era. He has been an Oscar winner for “Leaving Las Vegas” while also appearing in crowd pleasing movies such as “Raising Arizona” and “National Treasure”. The 57-year-old actor has also been the subject of speculation for many years when it comes to his appearance. He has been suspected of having a facelift as well as a hair transplant. Let’s take a look at the changing hairline of Nicolas Cage to see if it can be determined if he had a hair restoration procedure.

Nicolas Cage Hairline Speculation

In the early years of his career, Cage had a full head of hair that seemed to recede as the years passed. In 2009, the actor was spotted at the Toronto Film Festival with hair that can best be described as thinning and greying. Two years later, in 2011, Cage was spotted enjoying what was called a “suspiciously full head of hair” at the Los Angeles premiere of the movie, “Drive Angry 3D”.

His hair was thick in “Raising Arizona” but he did have a receding hairline at the time. The recession of his hairline has become even worse over the years. Cage started to lose his hair at his crown and the hair on the top of his head has become even thinner. Many people suspect that the actor is exhibiting classic signs of MPB (male pattern baldness).

However, the actor seems to have more head on the top of his head and the crown of his head has also become thicker in appearance. In addition, a recent Netflix show seems to indicate that he might have undergone a hair transplant.

Nicolas Cage and Netflix

With the release of the new series, “History of Swear Words” on Netflix, many of his fans on social media are discussing the fact that the actor now has a head full of dark, brown hair.

Some of the comments include:

  • “Can we all talk about Nicolas Cage’s excellent hair transplant though? It looks good!”
  • “I’m struggling to get over Nicolas Cage new hair & dark beard.”
  • “The Netflix curse word series has so many bizarre choices that happen so fast but none more insane to me than the choice of not letting there be one grey hair visible anywhere on Nicolas Cage’s person.” This social media user went on to add, “No one is fooled, I’m just thinking about the dye job.”

Hair Transplant Explained

Hair Transplant ExplainedThe question remains…Did Nicolas Cage have a hair transplant or did he adopt a new hairstyle along with some hair dye to change his look?

If he did have a hair transplant, the changes to his hairline were surgically performed by a trained surgeon. A hair transplant is the moving of hair grafts from one part of the body to the balding area of the scalp. The hair grafts are usually moved from the donor area of the scalp which is normally located on the back and sides of the scalp.

If there is not enough high-quality, viable donor hair located on the back or sides of the scalp, the hair grafts can be taken from other areas of the body such as the beard or the chest. The hair that is transplanted will grow like the natural hair that is located on the scalp but will not be subject to the balding process.

The most popular hair transplant method is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) where the hair grafts are individually harvested from the donor area of the scalp. The fact that they are individually harvested means the hair grafts can be removed without leaving a linear scar on the scalp.

Patients, such as Nicolas Cage, who want to have a hair transplant but still keep it anonymous, might be ideal candidates for Celebrity Hair Transplant™ by Dr. Parsa Mohebi. This hair transplant method provides little to no detectability as well as little downtime. There is rarely any trimming or shaving of the hair on the donor or recipient areas and the entire process includes transplanting a more limited number of grafts during the procedure. In addition, this hair transplant technique is a non-shaven FUE hair transplant procedure.

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