New Study Examines Platelet Rich Plasma Use on Female Hair Loss Patients

PRP Treatment for Womens Hair LossThe use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) has long been suggested as a possible treatment for hair loss and a potential source of hair growth. A recent study was conducted to study the effect of PRP scalp injections on women currently suffering from female androgenetic alopecia.

The study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted at multiple centers and compared the effects of scalp injections of PRP against a saline placebo. The endpoints used during the study were hair mass index and hair count as well as patient opinion survey responses. The PRP used in the study was manufactured from the blood of the patients through the use of the Angel PRP system.

The results of the study showed that neither the hair count nor the hair mass index greatly changed between the study group and the group treated with placebos. It should be noted that 13.3% of the treatment subjects did experience a large improvement in their rate of hair loss, hair thickness and the ease in which they were able to style their hair. This is compared to a 0% increase in the placebo subjects. Also, 26.7% of the treatment subjects said their hair felt either heavier or coarser after the treatment as opposed to 18.2% of the placebo group.

What conclusions can we draw from this study? We can see that the PRP failed to show any significant improvement in the hair count or the hair mass index of females with the women’s hair loss condition known as female androgenetic alopecia. Until such a time as PRP is readily available for use by hair loss patients, females who are currently experiencing hair loss can contact us to learn more about the five-step female hair loss treatment practiced by our office.