More than The Length of a Hair’s Difference

More than a lengthWhile hairline reduction and hair transplants can both lower the hairline, there are quite a few differences in the procedures. How does a patient decide which procedure is best for them? The decision eventually comes down to a variety of factors:

  • A consultation with a good hair transplant doctor
  • The expectations the patient has before undergoing a procedure
  • Which of the two procedures best fits their expectations and their individual needs

When a patient is considering having a procedure to lower his or her hairline, it’s important to know the different advantages of the two procedures:

Hairline Reduction Advantages:

The first advantage of a hairline reduction is the fact that it is a quick procedure.
A hairline reduction procedure can also create a high density hairline which might be desirable by many patients.

Advantages of a Hair Transplant to Lower a Hairline:

One advantage of doing a hair transplant to lower the hairline is that the final result is more natural looking. A good hair transplant surgeon can create a very natural looking hairline that reflects the normal transition of hair density.

A hair transplant procedure avoids the linear scar that a hairline lowering procedure creates. Instead of a scar, the patient can expect a natural looking transitional zone in their hairline with a hair transplant. A hair transplant to lower the hairline also allows for more flexibility with the placement of the hair/overall hair direction and the curvature in which the surgeon can mimic a perfectly natural hairline.

What Is The Next Step?

The next step for a patient is to study the advantages of the options listed above to determine which of the options best fits their needs. Once the patient has determined which technique is best for them, they should find and consult with a good doctor to determine if they are a viable candidate for either a hairline reduction or a hair transplant to lower the hairline.