MLB Opening Day With Jose Canseco

With Major League Baseball’s season opener starting today, we’re thinking about the great results legendary player and patient, Jose Canseco, has had from his FUE hair transplantation.

His results were so great, that he has even decided to come in again for more grafts!

Jose’s Hair Transplant Play-By-Play:

Jose Canseco’s hair restoration process began about two years ago when he found that his hair was thinning to the point in which he would wear baseball caps more than ever before in his career. Prior to that, he often avoided wearing his hat to show off his hair. Living in the spotlight, it can be difficult to cope with hair loss. However, Jose Canseco has chosen to share his game plan with us!


It all began with a consultation and physical exam and there were no strikes there – Jose was the perfect candidate for FUE transplant. Then, the transplantation of 2088 grafts took place followed by an after transplant hair wash. Hair regrowth was present with 2-3 months after the procedure.

Follow Up:

Sliding forward to 8 months after the procedure, Jose Canseco was happier than ever with the results!

Touch Ups:

This month, Jose Canseco is up to bat again – looking forward to his second procedure of touch-ups. With an already boosted confidence, he is looking forward two what the enhanced results are going to look like! And we are looking forward to seeing him! Tune-in on our Snapchat channel to get a behind-the-scenes look at his procedure.

Thanks to his hair transplantation, Jose Canseco won’t be making a defensive play for hat hair this season!