Minoxidil Shampoo


Hi doctor,

I saw your TV show and I had a question come to mind.

Would it be ok for me to buy minoxidil for my hair loss and then dissolve it in the shampoo that I use each day?

In addition, there are some products that state their use will gradually change the color of my hair to its natural color. I want to know if they are safe to use. Or would they interfere with my scalp respiration?

Thanks so much in advance for your answers.


Minoxidil mixed with Shampoo:

Minoxidil is one of the FDA-approved medications for the treatment of balding prevention and hair loss.  The recommended dose and method for the use of minoxidil is applying it topically on the balding area twice a day and leaving the product without washing it off.

Although, the combination of minoxidil with shampoos is available commercially, I do not believe you can get a complete result by using them together because:

  1. Minoxidil would be diluted with shampoo and water and that will reduce its strength
  2. The active ingredient (minoxidil) would be rinsed away which means it would not have enough time to gain the proper contact with the scalp skin
  3. It would be less likely that it is used to its fullest extent twice a day (which is the recommended method for its use to gain the maximum result)

Hair Product for White Hair

To answer your second question, there are many products that make the claim to change the color of white and/or de-pigmented hair to a normal one.  Most of them are herbal extracts and unfortunately, there are not enough long-term studies that prove their safety (that I am aware) of so I cannot recommend this option.