Millbrae Hair Transplant

Millbrae is a family community of about 21,000 residents. Some of those residents have affectionately nicknamed it “wind-Millbrae”, due to the number of windy days it experiences at certain times of the year. The weather is rarely a problem, however. The same folk who talk about the wind never fail to add that Millbrae offers plenty of warm, sunny days as well. Given that the community is so residential, activities can seem few and far between. There are many senior citizens who call the area home. The streets tend to be quiet and safe. Also, they are dotted with restaurants of varying cuisines. If on one corner you do not find something that suits your palate, try the next corner. Or the next, or the next. The meal you are hungry for is here somewhere.

For Millbrae hair transplants, the need for such expeditions is virtually non-existent. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration has been treating patients who suffer from thinning hair since 2008. In 2019 we came to San Francisco. Our board-certified surgeons employ the most modern technology in follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Patients of all genders and ethnic backgrounds have benefited from our work. And indeed, we do see the occasional client from Millbrae. Does the neighborhood offer more than just restaurants? As a matter of fact it does. From our Millbrae clients we have learned a few things, such as:

What You Will Find Here When You Are Not With Us

At the east end of the city is Bayfront Park. Stroll along the shore, enjoy the breeze, take a deep breath…and watch mammoth 747 jet airliners scream by overhead on their final approach to SFIA. This last part never gets old. A long time ago, this author used to watch these planes land at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. It was fascinating then, and today it still gives a rush. While you are in Millbrae, do not skip out on a visit to Bayfront Park.

Too noisy for you? Try Central Park instead. It is a more peaceful place to hang out, and even has a playground for the kids. Central Park is located right in the center of Millbrae. It features plenty of parking, a relaxed atmosphere, and a sense of being far away from the city.

Across the street from the library is the Millbrae History Museum. Here you will find myriad artifacts from the city’s past. Reflections of times gone by shine in every display. Even the house itself is historical, built in 1895 and repurposed to function as a museum. Its one drawback is the hours. The museum is open only on Saturdays, from 12 noon to 4PM.


Modern Treatment With “Wow” Factor Results

Hair transplant surgery has never been more successfully implemented than it is today. After just a single year, the results are so convincing, hardly anyone will even know that a surgical procedure has taken place. Patients regrow dense, natural hair that is nearly as vibrant as it was in their youth.

At an initial consultation we will determine exactly the kind of treatment that is best for you. We will perform a microscopic scalp exam that will tell us a lot about how much further your thinning hair is going to progress, and which donor hairs are likely to grow strongest in the recipient area. Once we have a plan in place, you will be scheduled for surgery. A typical day of surgery takes anywhere between 4 and 10 hours, depending on your level of hair loss. Most patients are back to work on the very next day, feeling very little pain, and lots of hope for new hair soon to come.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration gives patients from Millbrae to all of San Francisco to California and far beyond hair transplant surgery that can erase all doubts about the effectiveness of modern medical technology. Call us today via (415) 997-6126 for more information.