Mega Session Hair Transplant Surgery

Mega session hair transplant surgery has been around for almost a decade since Dr. Rassman and others started doing bigger and bigger sessions. Before 1993 all could be done was less than 1000 and occasionally 1500 grafts per each session. Using newer techniques and larger team of experienced technicians, we at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are currently performing large sessions on a regular basis.

Not all physician teams are equal. If a doctor routinely performs sessions in over 2500 graft size, then it would be safe to assume that this doctor has mastered the skills required for large session. Unfortunately, not all doctors have either the teams or the skills to accomplish the feat on a routine basis. Limiting the size of the session to under 2000 grafts, it may take more surgical sessions to accomplish the same goal as when twice the number is transplanted.

Many factors should come together for a megasession hair transplant surgery. First, the surgical team must be trained in doing large sessions with fast, efficient cutting and placing. The following points must be available for the surgery to be successful. The sessions should not take more than eight to ten hours, for more than that, the grafts that are out of the body awaiting placement produces reduced graft growth. Hair transplant surgeon should keep a larger team of technicians to help reducing the time of surgery.

The surgeon must know the nuances of prolonged anesthesia without increasing the risks to the patient.The patient’s scalp laxity must be very loose so that a wide strip can be taken safely (often these strips measure greater than 2cm in width and 22cm in length).The patient’s density must be high (50% higher than normal densities). Large sessions might carry increased risk of swelling and redness after surgery, but overall are not more risky than smaller sessions, but the above criteria must be bet or the yield would not be there. At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we offer megasessions to patients with extensive baldness with good donor quality with excellent results.