Medical Technician Training for Hair Transplant Surgery

US Hair Restoration Hair Transplant Technician

The Value of Hair Transplant Medical Technicians  

Hair transplant technicians are an integral and important part of the operation in hair transplant surgeries.  Therefore properly trained hair technician plays an important role in hair restoration results.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration we utilize a well designed system in which we train our hair technicians.  Our hair technicians are selected by a discerning level of criteria:

*    A high level of personal ethics
*    Initially demonstrate a natural level of strong hand eye coordination
*    General training as medical or surgical assistant
*   Further training as hair transplant technician —  is provided in our office for more junior  technicians.

Hair Transplant Technician Selection

After a vigorous selection process our technicians must complete Parsa Mohebi Hair Restorations custom designed Hair Technicians Training Program. Our technicians complete intense period of training under the direct tutelage and supervision of medical director Dr. Parsa Mohebi. This training includes:

     *   lectures
     *   surgical observation
     *   demonstration high level of skills on synthetic hair and laboratory models
     *   compliance of surgical techniques and standards

At each level technicians must show proper improvement and competency prior to moving to the next level of training.  We do not allow technicians to work on actual patients before they demonstrate proper skills and above satisfactory completion of our training program.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration Hair Technician Training Program

During this program each technician first learns how to cut and place grafts on synthetic hair and scalp at the next level the hair technician candidates’ advance to working and mastering their skills Bovine skin which is close enough to human hair orientation for laboratory purposes and skill development.

Laboratory conditions replicate the hours of actual surgery. During this time future hair technicians for US Hair Restoration spend hours cutting and implanting bovine hair grafts. This training improves their hand eye coordination until they reach a level of competency to assist in an actual hair transplant surgery.

 Advancement to Hair Transplant Surgical Procedures

Upon successful completion of all necessary lecture series and hands on training our hair technicians receive approval from the medical director to working in the operating room under supervision of a senior hair restoration technician.


Hair-Technicians-at-Parsa-Mohebi-Hair-Transplant-Separating-Follicular-UnitWhen hair transplant technicians are properly trained they will demonstrate their abilities and skills by passing the written and oral examinations.  After demonstrating that they are capable of working to the high standards of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, they graduate as hair transplant technicians.  Recently graduated hair transplant technicians continue to be supervised to improve their skills.  They also are required to participate in internal educational series, as well as, and external hair transplant seminars that are designed for hair technicians.

We are proud to announce that Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is ready to train technicians for other centers that need to have highly trained technicians for their hair restoration services.