McGregor Vs. Mayweather – Battle of the Hair Styles

To most of the boxing fans watching the fight this weekend, the main story is about the battle between mixed martial arts and traditional boxing. Here at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we see a different battle taking place outside of the ring. We see the fight as a battle to answer the question of which look is better on the scalp: A full head of hair or “bald is beautiful”.

Here’s a breakdown of how the hairstyles match-up between the opponents:

Floyd Mayweather Hair History

In the early days of his career, Floyd Mayweather was always known for sporting a short haircut with a tight fade. Other than a few times over the years, he was rarely seen with his hair grown out. Today, he is more commonly known for shaving his head and being completely bald. However, Mayweather has made it clear that he sports a bald head by choice (he can be seen here with his hair grown out in 2010). In addition to this, it has been reported in the last year that Floyd spends up to $3000 per week on haircuts. This seems like a large amount of money for someone who has no hair.

Floyd Mayweather hair

Conor McGregor Hairstyles

On the other side of the spectrum, Conor McGregor has sported a wide variety of hairstyles throughout his career. A man known for having great style and nice hair, Conor McGregor is most known for sporting the trendy undercut with a comb-over. However, the charismatic UFC star is known for switching it up and trying out different beard styles too. Take a look at a few of our favorite looks of his throughout the years:

Conor McGregor Hair

Bald is Beautiful….Isn’t it?

The real question that people want answered…“Is bald really beautiful?”

The answer can be found through some studies that were done in the past including one that was published as “Psychology of Hair Transplants” by me and Dr. William Rassman.  The study looked at the changes that men undergoing hair transplant often experience.

We know that young men with male patterned baldness can suffer from social anxiety and depression. In addition, hair loss can impact the sex life of men and also have a negative impact on their career and how they are perceived in the workplace.

Thanks to the advances in modern hair restoration, the decision to be bald is now an optional choice for many people. We also have the procedure known as Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) available today that can create the look of a full head of hair by applying dermal pigments into the scalp. The dermal pigments work to create the look of a shaved, but not bald, head for the ones who prefer to have that look.

Whether you’re a fan of the “bald is beautiful” look, or a full head of hair, we hope to see an entertaining match this weekend. May the best hairstyle win!

If you’re wearing a bald hairstyle (not by choice) and want to do something about it, contact us today for a consultation.

– MA