Los Angeles Hair Transplant Center Unveils “Hair Now” Mobile App that Allows Users to Preview their Hair Transplant Results

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 24, 2013  

“Hair Now”, the first application that lets users imagine what they would look like after a hair transplant, was officially launched for all iOS devices this week. The app was designed by Dr. Parsa Mohebi, a premier hair restoration surgeon and author of “Modern Hair Restoration for Men and Women.” The doctor explains how he would regularly be asked by patients and non-patients alike what modern hair restoration technology could achieve for them.  

“The purpose of “Hair Now” is to show the patient what is possible with today’s hair restoration technology. When speaking about new advances in hair restoration at various conferences and open houses, people would keep telling me how seeing the potential results of their hair restoration could help them decide the best course for treatment. It was only in the last year where I felt that we had the right technology in order to develop an application like “Hair Now” so it had optimal features for all our users. I am very excited about the implications for this technology for not only my patients, but for all individuals considering a hair transplant.”  

The free application is designed for the novice but has enough features to make it customizable for more advanced users. When the user opens the application on their iOS device, they are taken to a menu with a wide array of hair samples which have been meticulously extracted from male and female patients who had a hair transplant in the past. The hair samples include a before and after photo taken of the actual patient and descriptive information which details the stage of hair loss, hair characteristics, and number of grafts used for the procedure. This makes it easy for the user to select hair that closely matches their classification. Once making their selection, the user is then given the ability to customize their after picture so it matches their desired results. Finally, the user will be able to send their picture to Dr. Parsa Mohebi for a free evaluation. Photographs sent to the doctor will be protected by doctor patient confidentiality so the user can be assured that they will remain anonymous during the entire process. However, users who decide to use the application to get the opinions of their close friends and family can do so by emailing their pictures or posting it to their favorite social media destination with the touch of a button.  

Dr. Mohebi promises to introduce many more innovative features for “Hair Now” in the near future by developing new upgrades to make the application even more interactive. There are also forthcoming versions of “Hair Now” that will be compatible for all mobile and handheld devices. “Hair Now” is available for free in all ITunes stores now.