Latisse and Alternatives for Eyebrow Hair Growth

Q:How to get Longer Eyelashes

Hello Dr. Mohebi!

I would like to have thicker eyebrows and have looked online for options to help me achieve this goal.  I heard Latisse could help so I bought it and have been trying it.

I know that I have to use it for a little while before I see results but I am getting kind of impatient. I am curious if there is a cheaper option since Latisse is rather expensive.  Careprost, Lumigan, Travoprost and Bimatoprost are all alternatives that I see people write about online as cheaper alternatives and they seem to have some success.

Do you have a recommendation? I would appreciate any insights you have to offer me.


Bimatoprost is the scientific name of a synthetic prostamide anolog and it used for the treatment of glaucoma (an ocular disorder that results in optic nerve damage through an increased amount of fluid pressure inside the eyes).  This medication, as well as other prostamides, can also increase the growth phase of hair follicles.  In turn, this will lead to longer and fuller eyelashes.  Prostamides, such as Bimatoprost, were successfully tested for the treatment of eyebrow hair as well.

There are many different types of prostamides and they include:

  • Bimatoprost (with brand names such as Latisse, Careprost and Lumigan)
  • Travoprost (Brand name: Travatan)
  • Latanoprost (Brand name: Xalatan)

All of these prostaglandins are available in different concentrations and available at different prices. According to the American Academy of Optometry, all three ophthalmic drugs (bimatoprost, latanoprost, and travoprost) are effective treatments for the goal of increasing eyelash growth.


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