Latin American FUE Transplant Workshop

FUE Hair Transplant WorkshopA couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Latin American FUE Transplant Workshop in Asuncion, Paraguay, as a faculty member.  The workshop was organized by Dr. Roberto Trivellini, who is one of the innovators in the field of FUE hair transplantation. He is also the inventor of his FUE semi automated machine, “Mamba”. This is a novel system that we will be using in our practice in addition to other tools we have in our FUE cases.

Simultaneous FUE Extraction & Placement

My teaching focused on “Simultaneous FUE Extraction and Placement“, along with some other courses I have previously taught. For those who have never heard of it, simultaneous extraction and placement is a newly developed technique by my team and I. The hair transplant surgeon scores the skin microscopically around the follicular unit graft while the team of assistants pulls out the harvested grafts, inspects them under microscope, counts them, and hands them to the placing team. The placing team then implants the grafts into the scalp while the extracting team continues to harvest follicular grafts. This technique decreases the time the grafts spend out of the body, which helps with the viability of transplanted hair follicles.

The workshop was focused on Latin American Countries and most participants were from Central and South America. Workshops like these provide an amazing opportunity for international experts to exchange information and news about the latest and greatest technology and techniques in hair transplantation. It was truly a  a privilege for me to travel to other countries and to share our very own techniques with the other hair transplant surgeons around the world!

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