Laser Comb for Treatment of Hair Loss

Dear Dr. Mohebi,

I would like to thank you for your response. I really don’t know what life without you would be like, someone who can answer all my questions. It is funny because when I turn to other people the smartest thing they have to say is I don’t know.  Thank you again for everything. I wish you all the health and success for you and your family for the new year and the ones to come. One very last question, before 2008. (haha) What do you think about the laser hair combs with low level of laser therapy? Many websites claim that it has been used for 30 years and that there is no true side effect. Is that valid even though there have been over 2500 reported studies worldwide? Take care and god bless you.


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The Laser comb is heavily advertised and sold worldwide based on it being FDA approved. You are right, the laser comb has been proved to be safe and that is why FDA approved it like other laser methods being used for hair loss. I would love to see laser comb devices work, so I could have another method to recommend to my patients who are fighting the process of baldness or for people who have significant miniaturization, but the body of medical literature around laser in general and laser comb in particular for treatment of hair loss is seriously lacking.

In the last annual meeting of hair restoration surgery in Vegas we did not see any new scientific presentation concerning the laser comb. So I can not endorse it until we have better documentations on the usefulness of laser as a treatment of baldness.

Have a great new year,

Parsa Mohebi, MD