Introduction of ARTAS to Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration

ARTAS-minIn the last few years, we at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration have monitored the evolution of one of the newest hair restoration technologies available, Robotic Hair Restoration.  The ARTAS system offers a machinery that facilitates the extraction of hair follicles individually and with accuracy from the patient’s scalp.”

ARTAS has made the extraction of FUE grafts automated, but up until recently the speed of which the device extracted these grafts could not match the speed of our manual extractions.  Furthermore, the ARTAS was handicapped by the larger diameter of its punches when compared to manual methods. However, in keeping its promise to advance FUE extraction technology, ARTAS has recently updated their software and hardware, and multiplied their rotation speed from 800 RPMs to 3000 RPMs, improving the speed and efficiency of the procedure.  They have also successfully reduced the size of the punches to 19 Gauge, which is close to the punches that we use in our manual FUE procedures.

These changes have tipped the balance on the scale between ARTAS and non-automated FUEs, making the ARTAS system competitive in comparison to our current, manual techniques.  ARTAS can produce higher quality grafts in some areas of the scalp when compared to other methods of follicular unit extraction.  That is why we have decided to add this innovative device to our arsenal here, at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration.  We will be working on utilizing the ARTAS system and Robotic Hair Restoration techniques to add to the quality and efficiency of our FUE treatments.  We will also be collaborating with ARTAS and other centers to fine-tune the process, making robotic hair transplant even more efficient in the future.

We believe that ARTAS will continue to make progress in the field of hair restoration and make hair transplant surgeries safer and more dynamic in the future.