How to improve a plug surgery?


Dr. Mohebi, I had a surgery in 1991. At the time it was better than being bald I thought. But the joke even in my house is “Doll Head.” Is there any help for guys like me; can you repair older plug-like transplants? I am anticipating your answer.


Absolutely, there is hope for you.  In fact, we perform a few repair hair transplant surgeries every month.  Mostly for people like you with plug hair transplants from the past; modern advancements and techniques have really increased your options.  Most people could use Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) to restore the appearance of their hair significantly.  Here are some of the procedures that could help someone with an outdated plug surgery:

Creating a transitional zone consisting of refined follicular unit grafts in front of the plugs

  1. Filling in between the plugs and even out the area so they won’t be as noticeable.
  2. Thinning out the plugs by removing some of the hair units through follicular unit extraction techniques.

Unlike what some people think, plug transplant results from old hair transplant procedures are easy to repair in most cases. That means you and many people can enjoy a natural undetectable look after a hair transplant repair surgery no matter how un-natural their current hair may be.