How soon can I have a FUE transplant after a strip FUT?


Hello Dr. Mohebi, I had a strip procedure a month back for 1500 FUs on the front/middle section of head. While I wait for this results, I was thinking if I can have a FUE procedure for crown and hairline enhancement, so that my recovery will be well utilized. I may be wrong. Could you provide your recommendation/suggestion? Thanks.


In short the answer to your question is yes.  However, there are some qualifying factors and conditions for this consideration. When performing a ‘Strip Method’ FUT surgery it is possible to also perform and ‘FUE’ follicular unit transplant immediately following the first surgery. Actually the two types of procedures can be performed in the same session; as long as the FUE grafts are being placed in different recipient areas.. If you need to restore hair in the same recipient area as a previous hair transplants procedure, then I recommend a minimum wait of 5-6 month from the first hair transplant procedure. The reason for this is that we need to see outgrowth of hair from the first procedure. The visibility of the new hairs allows us to be able to place new hair in between them and to avoid placing a new hair graft on top of the old ones.