Stephen Miller – How NOT to Handle Hair Loss

How to not handle hair loss

Recently, Stephen Miller, a Trump adviser, appeared on TV looking unlike his normal bald self. Have a look at a recent post of ours on Instagram below to see what we’re talking about:


Like many other men suffering from hair loss, Stephen Miller decided to solve his hair loss the cheap and easy way, instead of opting for a hair transplant. From the pictures circulating online (and above), it looks like he went overboard with hair fibers or some kind of hair loss concealing spray. As you can see, the results are noticeable, and the internet has taken notice.

Moral of the Story

For some men, hair fibers can help, but there are usually better ways today than using Toppik or color spray to conceal hair loss in men. So if you think the time has come for you to take action about your hair loss – check all your options. Hair Restoration is becoming very seamless thanks to the new methods of FUE and celebrity hair transplant. Many men chose to go that route early on before their baldness becomes noticeable.

Celebrity Hair Transplant does not require any shaving or trimming hair. The patient will stay a few hours in our office and undergo a procedure that is mostly painless. This is great for celebrity or high-profile patients because when they leave, even TMZ cannot catch them behind the door with any evidence of hair restoration. Patients who had Celebrity Hair Transplant can also go back to work the day after their procedures.

What do you think of Stephen Miller’s hair restoration attempt? Click the post above and let us know in the comments on our Instagram page. If you’re interested in having a consultation to discuss your options for hair loss click here.