Heavenly Hair at the Met Gala 2018

This year’s Met Gala presented, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” in which celebrities, one after the next, displayed some of the most intricate and over-the-top hairstyles. Often, hairstyles can be the start of a conversation, even a relationship. The conversations started with the controversial looks in this year’s Met Gala have definitely created some buzz on Twitter, Instagram, and among beauty influencers. It is events such as these that serve as the precedent for trends to come.

The creative designer-celebrity collaborations seen this year have proven even more reason to maintain a healthy head of hair because, without it, you’re left with no options. While some celebrities opted for a veil or headdress option, we can only imagine the hair strength needed to hold an accessory so impactful in its place. No matter the style – up or down, curly or straight, headdress or not – there’s no doubt that these looks will strike you as noteworthy.

So, if you’ve been contemplating a hair transplant because you’re out of ways to style your hair due to balding or thinning hair, here is some inspiration of all the different possibilities of hairstyles post-transplantation:

Shawn Mendes looked sleek with a full head of hair. While he is known for his endless hit songs on the radio, we can take a moment to appreciate his defined hairline and fullness of hair. Hair fullness allows him to cut and style his hair in many ways with little restriction. Enhancement of hair fullness is a benefit of hair transplantation, and therefore more opportunity to change hair styles through cutting and styling gel are possible.

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Jayden Smith looked great using his dreadlocks as an accessory. This must have been a red-carpet “first.” When some one loves their hair this much, there is no shame in saving some for later. After a hair transplant procedure, you may feel the need to save a lock of your hair for later, however you can rest assured that hair transplants are a reliable solution to hair loss. So, no urgency in saving some hair for down the road.

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A few of our favorite hairstyles from the ladies:

Often, hats and other hair accessories are used to cover up hair loss. However, the ladies featured in the post below used hats, crowns, and other extravagant accessories to bring attention to their beautiful hair. Have a look and judge for yourself whose hair is worthy of being deemed, “queen”!”

Kim K. looked stylish as always, wearing a high & tight ponytail. Kim Kardashian has been on the radar for hair health in recent news related to the drastic changes she has made to her hair over the years. From platinum blonde, pink, and up-do’s like this one, her hair has experienced tension, damage, and most likely breakage. Yet, she maintains a dense head of hair appearing full of healthy follicles. This slick ponytail is a go-to for all ages and casual occasions to elegant red carpet events. Post hair transplantation, feel free to slick your hair back in a pony and show off a newly defined hairline!

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Blake Lively sported an elegant up-do accessorized with a crown of rays. Blake Lively usually appears at red carpet events displaying her long, golden locks. This time, a crown of rays tells us that her hair is strong enough and able to maintain the head piece in its place. So, the long curls that Blake Lively usually struts down the red carpet are not only long, but they are strong and healthy too. Because it is your real hair that grows with hair transplantation, the strength is maintained. Also, with hair, with density, comes strength. The more hair that you have, the more evenly distributed the weight of the headband is on the hair follicles. Crowns and headbands may be worn once the hair has grown, post transplantation with confidence in the health and density of hair.

Male or female, the hairstyles of Met Gala 2018 have grabbed our attention. It is clear that with a dense and even head of hair, realistically attainable by hair transplantation, the possibilities of hairstyles are infinite.