Haircon 2018 Recap: Mahabalipuram, India

A couple weeks ago, Dr. Mohebi attended Haircon 2018 by the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons, India in Mahabalipuram. This year’s theme was”hair restoration beyond extraction.” It was held in the beautiful city, which was the second capital of the Pallava Kings of Kachipuram, known for beautiful stretches of pristine beaches, shore temples, and rock-cut art. The president of AHRS, Dr. K. Ramachandran welcomed the doctors to “combine the Chennai warmth and hospitality with the essence of hair restoration” – and that they did!

5 international doctors on the frontline of redefining hair restoration were invited to share their expertise in the field. Conferences allow these medical professionals to be the most up to date according to research from all around the world.

Dr. Mohebi was invited to be the key lecturer and was honored with the Golden Peacock Oration. He also presented the most advanced techniques in hair restoration, reviewing the process of advancements in the field.

Not only did he discuss the methods of how we have gotten where we currently stand in the field, but he also acknowledged the future of hair restoration and what it will look like in heading into the next decade.

Dr. Mohebi also presented and lectured in areas of his expertise that he practices in Los Angeles – demonstrations of the mechanisms involved in FUE procedures as well as Celebrity FUE Hair restorations.

Aside from lecturing, he was able to enjoy the scenic city and culture. The people were very welcoming and friendly. From nature to architecture, there was always something to be in awe of. As you can see, Dr. Mohebi was able to take a very close look at and embrace some of the masterpieces.

But, what was Dr. Mohebi’s favorite part? The food, of course!