Hair Transplants and Neurosurgical Scars



Cranial surgery might cause significant scarring, which could be a cosmetic problem for the neurosurgical patients. The scars can be psychologically devastating for these patients. Regardless of the technique of surgery, disfiguring scars may be inevitable.


We will review a series of patients with craniotomy scars that were treated with hair transplants. Different strategies and surgical techniques were used to improve scars. In one case, a CT scan was used to evaluate the anatomy and location of a shunt as well as the integrity of the skull.


All patients in this study underwent hair transplant successfully without any significant complications. Some patients needed more than one procedure for optimization of their cosmetic results. The final result in all patients was satisfactory with the scar was undetectable after surgery and when hair growth was completed.


Hair transplant is an efficient method for correction of cranial surgery scars, which could not be improved by other surgical methods.

This lecture was presented by Dr. Parsa Mohebi at 15th Annual Meeting of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.