Hair Transplantation: Am I Crazy If I Really Go For It?


I was told that a spot has opened up for my hair transplant surgery. I told them to slot me in, but now that I’ve jumped into the deep end I’m a bit nervous. My nerves don’t have to do with what it will look like six months or a year from now, but for the weeks following the surgery.
I need to take the next day to really meditate on this. Although my hair loss does bother me, it’s not as if I’m noticeably bald. So I’m deciding if this is something that makes sense for me.


It is completely normal to have a touch of nervousness prior to this elective surgery. Since it is an elective procedure, it is common to have questions and/or reservations. We need to remember that it is simply hair and not some life threatening procedure! Many patients have this reluctance and there is never a clear or definitive answer aside from your intuitive feelings.

Your particular situation is for the enhancement and detailing in order to complement what you already currently have. Your hair loss is probably going to progress in the future but again, it depends on when you want to address the issue.

Having experienced seeing many other patients who had similar feelings before their hair restoration procedure, I think you will very happy you did it!! Either way, I support whatever decision you make. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is always going to be a resource for you with whatever questions or concerns you have regarding hair loss and the treatment options available.

Meditate on that assurance and clarity will present itself!