Hair Transplant to Prevent Future Hair Loss

Dr. Mohebi,

You classified my hair loss as class III.  I agree with the evaluation but given my family background I will be approaching more towards class V or VI.  My miniaturization % is 30 in both Top and Crown areas which means there is a sign of active hair loss.  Do you think we can arrange something to cover up those two areas as well?  Or, is my miniaturization level too low to have any type of procedure in those areas?


You are class III of hair loss and as you said, you might be going toward class V or VI.  However, prescribed medication might change what is considered your genetic pattern by taking it.  I don’t recommend that we transplant hair in certain areas just in case you get lucky with the hair loss medications, you may never lose that existing hair.  If you progress to lose more hair, you can always have another hair transplant surgery in the future for those existing areas.  Even if you don’t continue hair loss medications, it is hard to predict if you will totally lose hair on the top and crown areas.  Your particular numbers for miniaturization is slightly more than normal.  A good decision today is a good decision tomorrow.