Hair Transplant New Technology – Laxometer II



Laxometer II

Often times we receive inquiries at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration about the latest hair transplant technology, and we feel obligated to spread the news about the latest hair transplant technology.  We are excited about the new generation of Laxometer, the newest hair transplant device invented by Dr. Parsa Mohebi. The Laxometer II is a handheld device which revolutionizes the art and science of hair restoration. Being in the growing sector of the cosmetic surgery arena, progressive updates on hair transplant new technology is critical.


The revolutionary Laxometer II increases the number of hair grafts which can safely and precisely be transplanted in one surgery. A hair transplant of more than 3500 hair grafts once upon a time took two or more surgeries to complete, but with this latest technology in hair transplantation, it can be done in only one procedure.

The Laxometer II, the new technology in the hair transplant industry, is basically a measuring device which is used to calculate the laxity of one’s scalp. An accurate measurement of scalp laxity is critical when determining how large the donor strip can be. This latest breakthrough hair transplant technology gives a precise measurement which can be increased as a result of patients actively doing daily scalp exercises. The larger the available strip, the more grafts can be made available for transplantation.

At the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s 19th Annual Scientific meeting in Alaska in September 2011, Dr. Mohebi unveiled his new invention for purchase to all hair transplant surgeons. This latest technology in hair transplant surgery was welcomed with anticipation and applause as it will help to continue the industry progressing forward.