Hair Transplant Gains Favor with Celebrities

The stigma of baldness is a concern that many people endure. Celebrities and others in the public eye are not immune to this social phenomenon. Interestingly, getting a hair transplant to resolve the issue carries its own stigma.  This is an unjustifiable quirk in our society.  The facts are that modern hair transplantation through follicular unit transplants (FUT) provides a natural and permanent solution to hair loss for people.

Multiple Award Winner and Academy Award Nominee Testimony on His Hair Restoration with Dr. Mohebi

Click link and watch the video on Youtube:   Award Winning Actor on Hair Transplant

Public image is important to most people but certainly even more so for people who are in the public eye or even making their living based on how they appear on camera. Negative or positive self image also goes to the quality of an individual’s life. Hair restoration without a doubt has a tremendous psychological uplift for patients.

Celebrities are beginning to feel comfortable about openly speaking out about its benefits to their life.  This is a positive step toward alleviating the social stigma for all.