Hair Transplant After Chemotherapy

Hair loss is a common side effect with some types of chemotherapy and can be experienced by both men and women.  Chemotherapy medications attach rapidly to proliferating cells and hair follicles are some of those cells responsible for the continuous growth of the hair.

What do you need know about hair loss after chemotherapy?

Hair loss can typically be seen in the first few weeks after the start of chemotherapy and usually becomes worse with time.  It may be several months after the end of chemotherapy treatments before you notice that your hair growth is getting better.  The new hair may have a different color or texture than you are used to, but it will gain its normal characteristics back over time.

Unfortunately, there is no known medication to completely prevent hair loss after chemotherapy.  It may take months for the hair to get back to normal following the end of chemotherapy treatments. While many patients will experience stabilization or regrowth of hair after completion of chemotherapy, some patients will experience accelerated hair loss that they were to have regardless.

If your hair growth is not back to normal after 2 years from completion of your chemotherapy, you are recommended to be evaluated by a dermatologist or hair specialist for hair loss medical treatments (hair transplantation is possible and eligibility should be determined for you by a quality hair transplant surgeon).