Hair Restoration and Improved Quality of Life

hair and quality of lifeToday, technological advances in medicine have opened up new options in all areas of medicine. We have watched the evolution of glasses to hard contacts to disposable contact lenses to Lasik surgery. The benefits of these new procedures empowered many to change their destiny. People do not have to live with conditions like eye problems, obesity or baldness that strongly effects and influences their self-esteem and quality of life.

In my experience as a hair transplant surgeon many women will reject men only because they are bald; many others associate baldness as being less masculine. Now this is not true for all women, but certainly there is still a palpable negative social stigma associated with baldness.

I had the opportunity to study, research and publish on the psychology of hair loss and hair restoration. Today, we know that hair loss is a real concern affecting many men and women’s well-being  This is a social reality. More importantly it is fact that medically we now have amazing solutions for many types of hair loss conditions.

Before and after hair transplant: Picture was created by App: Hair Now
Before and after hair transplant: Picture was created by App: Hair Now

The advance in hair transplantation technology over the past decades makes available procedures like FUT, FUE for hair restoration procedures that provide natural and proven results. I say: why not use it? A lot of people are doing it, and nobody knows if their hair is native hair or transplanted hair. The key point here is: they are not bald anymore and they feel good about themselves. People with today’s natural and permanent hair transplants face the world happier and more confident people.

Here is what I recommend: Be yourself and do whatever makes your heart happy. No matter what you do with your life, there are going to be people who may not like it. It should not influence your decisions. If you think an elective surgery such as hair transplant can drastically improve your life don’t hesitate. Seek a professional consult from a hair transplant doctor. Let baldness be only a thing that our ancestors had to experience.