Hair Loss Product: Viviscal

Hair Loss medicationViviscal is a hair loss product that comes in the shape of tablets and is made of AminoMar and a mixture of other nutrients.  AminoMar is a fish protein that is claimed to help hair grow better.  Malnutrition can affect human hair and some microelements like Zinc and other vitamins that are essential to the growth of hair.  However, despite of the extensive advertisement, there is no evidence that healthy people not suffering from any malnutrition of these elements can be helped with their hair growth.

The science behind AminoMar, which is promoted by Viviscal as its hair growing ingredient, is very limited and certainly questionable. In addition to the active ingredient AminoMar, there is no evidence that the other ingredients can help grow hair in people who are not malnourished.

If you are suffering from malnutrition and are concerned that your hair loss is associated with lack of certain nutrients, you need to be examined by a doctor who can order some lab work to easily determine the level of those elements which can be treated if it is found to be necessary.