Hair Line Presidential Effects

Who is going to win the 2012 Presidential Election?

President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney have great heads of hair. Unlike many men in their relative age brackets. Is this why the polls are so close in this election?

We have published an article on Psycho-social impacts of hair loss and hair restoration on people’s lives in 2008. Observing the most recent presidents and or candidates Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Bush thick hair has been the order of the day. John McCain a much older man had notably thinning hair but styled to reduce the look of baldness.

Does hair really count for our social status and public approval? When it comes to presidential election which one do people trust more; a person with full head of hair or a bald person?

There was a very interesting article in Time Magazine a while back exploring the role of hair in presidential elections in America. The reality is that no bald man has ever been voted into the White House in over 12 elections (Rushin, 2007).

This is despite of the fact that over sixty percent of men have some degree of male patterned hair loss. This phenomenon is seen at the time that visual media, TV, print advertising, etc, has been playing a major role in making of people’s perceptions.

Harold Stassen, who is known as the country’s most failed presidential candidate, ran for presidential election nine times.  He wore a hair piece in most of those elections.  He chose not to be seen with a bald head in his presidential races. Wearing a toupee no matter how unnatural was safer than presenting himself with a naked scalp.

America has had more than five bald Presidents in the past, mostly before the time of the TV and visual public media. Americans haven’t voted one bald president in fifty six years.

Steve Rushin the author of this article from Time Magazine says: “As a realist, I know I can never be President, will never be part of the American HAIRISTOCRACY.

The presidency is not one of those high-profile jobs in which you can sneak by with a paisley head scarf (think Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band) or a pompadour wig (think Steven Van Zandt of The Sopranos).”


Rushin, S. (2007, October 25). Bald Truth. Time Magazine