George Clooney’s Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant for George ClooneyHi Dr. Mohebi,

As you can see in this picture, the front of George Clooney’s hairline looks “see through”. Could his famous strong hairline actually be the result of a hair transplant?


Thank you for the interesting question!

After viewing the photo, there are two possibilities about why George Clooney’s hairline may have some sort of “see through” effect:

  1. A hair transplant was performed with less than an adequate number of hair grafts
  2. George Clooney is suffering from the early stages of male pattern hair loss

Looking at younger pictures of George Clooney, you can see that he has always had a widow’s peak (George Clooney’s Hair Evolution). The more recent pictures of his hair show the gradual loss of that widow’s peak and the thinning of his more juvenile, solid hairline.

George’s salt and pepper hair color has definitely worked to his advantage and helped him maintain the look of a full head of hair until now. If his hair color was actually a darker color, his thinning on the scalp would be much more obvious to the public.

In my professional opinion, I think Mr. Clooney is going to need a hair transplant sooner (rather than later) if he wants to keep a solid hairline like the one he had before. He would be a great candidate for our Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant™ by Dr. Parsa Mohebi procedure for hairline reinforcement.

– MA