FUE Transplant – Automated vs. Manual

Not long ago, I was invited to attend the Orlando Hair Transplant Workshop as a faculty.  This workshop is sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration, held once a year, and is usually geared toward not only bringing together many prominent hair transplant doctors from all over the world, but also to teach the new techniques of hair restoration surgery to the new comers in the field.  My lecture and workshop sessions were focused on Donor and harvesting techniques for hair transplantation.

FUE procedure comparison

Among the different panels, one of the better lecures was on Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in which different techniques of FUE transplants where compared to eachother. In the last few years, we have had a few more automated devices for performing FUE procedures surface, causing the cost of FUE procedures to decline as the new methods are exposed. The advancements of devices used to perform the procedures has allowed FUE procedures to become more efficient.  Hair transplant doctors are now able to offer better quality while lower the FUE transplant cost to patients.  This has been a win-win situation for patients and doctors alike.

In one panel, the comparison of different FUE procedures including manual FUE transplant and automated FUE procedure with at least two different devices was explained.  Both Dr. Harris and Dr. Bauman have done FUE procedures in live surgery workshops with automated Follicular Unit Extraction methods (Safe system vs. NeoGraft).


It is interesting to see that any new small invention in the field of hair transplantation can improve an entire aspect of the procedure.  The most eagerly asked or wondered about question though, is which invention will become the perfect solution for hair loss patients who search the world for a better solution.

Our FUE Procedures

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is known for offering quality FUE transplants in Southern California.  These FUE procedures are being offered to patients for treatment of different patterned baldness or FUE scar repair procedures. The hope is that the use of new Follicular Unit Extraction methods could help to improve overall FUE results.  By the same token, and to even further optimize the FUE methods, we have designed a study to compare the best FUE procedures done by prominent FUE doctors throughout the world.  We will be comparing the best FUE methods in a clinical setting side by side to minimize the selection bias.  The results will be posted in our website.

Research of different FUE methods

In order to proceed with this study, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is offering a few exclusive spots with discounted rates for volunteers of this study. This discount will only be available to the participants of the study, who may have a variety of FUE techniques used for the purpose of the research.  This FUE study will not affect any other stages of FUE surgery. The only variable that will be affected by the use of different FUE techniques is the method of extraction of the follicular units, all techniques of which are known as standards in the hair transplantation industry.