FUE Transplant from Body or Beard


My hair loss is ruining both my life and my family’s lives. I go to the XXX school of medicine in XXX and would be flying over to get the procedure done. I wanted to see if we could discuss a large FUE treatment from my body and beard area for transplantation into the balding areas of the scalp to end my hair loss for good.

I look forward to hearing from you,



As I have previously stated before here in my blog, body hair can be considered as an alternative method for hair restoration as long as you, the patient, understands that the end result is not going to be comparable with a scalp hair transplant due to smaller final length of hair and short growth phase (Anagen) as opposed to long resting phase (Telogen) that are characteristics of body hair.  In other words, you may only see a portion of transplanted hair follicles in growth phase while the remainder stay in resting phase without maintaining a visible hair shaft.

Beard hair transplantation could also be another option, which is typically closer to scalp hair in many patients and has a longer growth phase (which is why it grows to become longer in comparison to body hair).  However, any of these options have their own pros and cons and patients should be evaluated for each treatment plan based on their needs and only after a complete evaluation by a hair transplant surgeon is performed.