FUE Hair Transplants – Who is the Best Candidate for Follicular Unit Extraction?

It is about 8:00 Pm and we just finished performing a big FUE procedure and I thought I write this post on, a patient who is a candidate for FUE procedure‚ before going home.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplants is one of the methods of hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) technique. The biggest advantage of FUE is that, the linear scar in the donor area on the back is eliminated.

FUE has been around for a few years now. Many people ask about the advantages and disadvantages of FUE when they are considering doing a hair transplant surgery. People always ask; whether or not FUE hair transplant is the right procedure for them. There are many articles on hair transplant techniques including FUE and its different methods that compared FUE with regular techniques of strip hair transplant. Hair transplant surgeon has to consider patient’s needs when planning for a hair restoration procedure. Many surgeons don’t do FUE on a regular basis. This needs to be explained to the patient. Unfortunately some doctors talk patients out of this procedure simply due to their inability to perform one. That is the same for mega session surgeries that many people are told that grafts won’t survive if place too densely only because they can not perform one. This might be due to not having enough skilled personnel or any other limitations.

The most important factor that people consider when they consider doing a FUE is elimination of linear scar on the back with FUE hair transplant surgery. It might be because they want to wear their hair short on the back or shave it at some point. FUE by far is the only method that can completely eliminate the linear scar on the donor area. Have more comfortable post-op period is the other reason for choosing FUE.

All patients need to be tested before performing an FUE procedure for their candidacy. At the Los Angeles office of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, Dr. Mohebi tests all patients who are considering this method for their hair restoration. FUE test (FOX) is easily done in the office with to extra charge to the patients. We perform a mini FUE procedure under local anesthesia to test feasibility of removing intact follicular unit grafts with different FUE technique and see which method is the right one for each patient. If patients are FOX negative then other options should be discussed with them. Even if patient’s are FOX positive, they have to understand that they may have a much better yield and superior final outcome with regular strip technique. For some patients, not having scar on the donor area is more important than having higher density in recipient area and they can live with thinner hair in the recipient area, but they don’t want any line of scar at all. These patients are the best candidates for FUE if they are tested positive for that.