Folliculitis After Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant


After Beard to Scalp Hair TransplantHello Dr. Mohebi,

My question for you involves my beard. The portion of my beard where I got grafts extracted is growing small pimples and has also been getting reddish and irritated. Is this normal? If it isn’t normal, what should I do to eliminate the irritation and pimples?


It is quite normal after FUE from Beard to have some pimples here or there. They usually subside by themselves as time passes and nothing needs to be done about them. A good solution for smaller lesions of folliculitis is a hot compress. Take a towel that has been placed in hot water and squeeze it before putting it on the lesions. This can help with the redness and bumpiness of the area. However, if they become larger with some collection inside them, they could be opened with a small needle. We do this quite often for our own patients in our office if they develop folliculitis after hair transplant. It is a simple process that you can schedule with our front desk.

Thank you for your questions and let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about the pimples.