Female Hair Transplant?


Hi Dr. Mohebi,
I  am a woman and undergone three hair transplants.  The first two were in 2002 and 2003 for 1,200 grafts each. Then I decided to get another one for more fullness.  I am 11 months into my 3rd hair transplant with another doctor. When I review my images one year after my first hair transplant of 1,200 grafts it seems like I had more hair then than now after additional 2,600 grafts.I am very disappointed at the loss of 2,600 irreplaceable grafts and need to see if I am a good candidate for a fourth hair transplant surgery.  I really appreciate your input in this.


First of all you need to be seen and evaluated by a good hair transplant surgeon  It is important to know what is the condition of your scalp health and hair.  2,600 is a reasonable number of grafts to make a significant improvement in most people.  At times the full result of transplanted hair might be seen with some delay.  That is especially the case when you have some good amount of hair from before.  A completely bald person can see obvious growth of hair in about six months, but the following hair transplants may need more time to show their full results.  This could be assessed with a miniaturization study with a microscope and we can understand whether you have any new hair growing in the newly transplanted areas.